Write the Docs Attendee Notes

These notes are viewable in a rendered form on Read the Docs: http://write-the-docs-attendee-notes.readthedocs.org/


A consolidated repository where all attendees of the WriteTheDocs NA 2015 conference are welcome to contribute their notes for each presentation. After the conference ends, we will collaborate to make a master file of all the notes.

The directory structure is broken down by day, and then by talk. Each talk’s folder contains a README file with the speaker-provided talk abstract.

Note: Any speakers are welcome to augment or edit the README for their talk.


Last year a number of WriteTheDocs attendees put their notes in git repositories on their GitHub accounts. By placing everyones’ impressions of the talks in one place, we can all benefit from each other’s understandings!


Anyone and everyone at WriteTheDocs is welcome to contribute! Organized by @alexfornuto.


In order to ensure that all of the notes are easily accessible and the process of consolidating them is straightforward, we have drawn up some simple guidelines.

There are three ways to submit your notes.

  1. You can submit a pull request.

    To add your notes, first create a fork of the repo. Create a file in the relevant talk’s directory named your_github_username.md. (This will help avoid merge conflicts.) Add your notes in the body of the file, preferably in Markdown or GitHub Flavored Markdown. When you’re done, create a pull request of your fork to the main fork.

    You can easily do this all via the GitHub UI. To create a new file in a fork of the project, click the + sign next to the repo name. On the next page, you’ll be able to name your file and add your notes to it. You can create a pull request by clicking the green button to the left of the branch listing and repo name.

  2. You can email writethedocs2015@gmail.com if you prefer not to use Git.

    Please make sure the email subject line is the name of the talk you attended. The emails sent will be uploaded to the GitHub repo by volunteers.

  3. Tweet.

    Any conference tweets that contain the word “writethedocs” will be archived on Google Drive. The spreadsheet is being automatically updated every minute. You can view a searchable archive of the tweet archive here. A conversation explorer is also available here.

When submitting your notes (excluding Twitter), please make sure you do the following:

  • Include the best way to contact you either at the bottom of the file (if submitting a pull request) or in your email (if emailing writethedocs2015@gmail.com), so we can reach out to you when combining all of the notes.
  • After the talks are over, we will work together to merge all of the notes in a master notes document, so feel free to take more focused notes rather than trying to cover everything that the talk explained.